16th February 2000, 22:57.10

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16th February 2000, 22:57.10

Some of you might wonder what it’s like when I get really, really pissed off, and have a really really bad day. Well now you can find out.

I have reached the point where right now, favourable approaches to my life would include tracking down each and every programmer, manager, infact anyone to do with the monstrous pile of c**p that is Windows95 and killing them. That’s how I feel.

So far I’ve spent probably several pounds online, or not online as the case was. Becuase the novely OS that windows is has lost everything to do with my Dial Up Networking. Yes. However it’ll log on. You just can’t use….for exmaple…mail, news, browsers, basic networking software (such as ping)…..

So then we moved on to re-installing everything.

No. That didn’t work. (more wasted calls)

Then we moved on to reinstalling Windows, once, twice….

Not only that, but due to the ineptness of the coding I have to drop my processor speed to 300MHz to install Windows 95….

Even now it’s testing my patience.

To top it off, it claimed to be able to “recover” my previous set up. Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.

No, what windows set up did was take un unstable setup, one which was on it’s last legs and kill it. From barely running to won’t load in mere minutes.

Of course, to add insult to injury – I have the K6 400 update….but can you apply it from DOS (which does work)? Oh no! We have to be in windows. Just we can’t get into windows.

Then we move on to the new, fresh install of windows. Yes, the one which asks where to install something from, ten having made you search through 2000 layes of directories….promptly doesn’t remember. Then we have installing from the Windows CD, where it can’t find files….On it’s own CD for GOD’s SAKE. HOW BAD CAN IT BE???????

Aaahhhrrrrggggg. And now I’ve installed the wrong version of WinAMP!

Right. I’m going to bed.


Kate. The pissed off one.


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