26 Jan 2000

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Soooo… not so late! I was thinking it seems like an age since I wrote last, then I looked. A mere 6 days…..

But it’s been a full few days. Finally, all but one person from university knows, and even then that’s only because I didn’t know his e-mail or any other contact address….although one found out in a way I would have preferred him not to….since I didn’t tell him myself. Most of them took it very well, some down to the Eddie Izzard sort of well level (I’m cooking eggs here…)

Some not so well, but none so horrifically badly that they’re not talking to me….which has made me feel a lot better. Today we also get a rant. And an update on my job and homes….

Well, lets start with that rant.

Today, at work I used MS FrontPage, now ths is purely because the work has already been done in Frontpage and thus, as it was already loaded I simply hit the HTML “tab” and tapped away producing my usual nested tables, small but neat code and achieveing exactly the desired effect (makes me sound big headed, but since it was the effect I desired then….that makes it easier to achive the goal).

Anyway. Call me an idiot. I’d forgotten that Frontpage “corrects” your code. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NO. It was perfect. And call me an idiot again – I hadn’t saved it. First in it’s list of novelty tricks was the ‘new’ tag. Nonexistant according to my copy of the HTML spec. And certainly not required. Then….then…..it reformatted my table. So from 2 columns we got 3 columns. Even better than that it didn’t adjust the colspan tag so the table was just bizzare. And in places it was still two columns.

Then it had the nerve to screw up my colours….after this I refuse to edit pages in it. It took me about 10 minutes to undo what it had done. Fortunately I hadn’t done all of it. It was to be an entire calendar, but as it was an example site I stopped after February…..

On the job – the person who’s “above” me is leaving at the end of Feb – so I’m taking his place and with luck, love and lollypops I should get a 1K payrise…..so I might be able to afford to eat, breath and live…..

The job itself is still cool – and I’ve found that I can wear / get away with wearing / no-one has commented on me wearing – neat black jeans. More precisely neat black womens jeans. Which is doing my level of relaxedness a _lot_ of good. The teaching of teachers went okay, and really all is well at the moment….

I’m still overawed by this site. How many hits? 10632! Why? Am I that interesting? I don’t think so…..It’s obviously not my writing (how do I know? You can count the responses to: a)what do you think? and b)Do you want an e-mail when I upload the next chapter – on less than one hand…..)

So, what’s attracting people? Is it the SO page?

Is it my ramblings?

Perhaps it’s time to add a general comment page…..Hmmmmm

Anyway – work tomorrow, thus bed now….




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