30 Jan 2000

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30 Jan 2000, 20:47.32.

Bloody hell, she’s at it again…

Yes indeed, more typing from the mistress of tedium….I just fancied saying: I had a good weekend. It was cool…..having stressed about letting my friend meet me in a skirt, he either hid horror very well indeed or else took it as my S.O. said he would (as in he’d be fine)… Although she did ask how it went….

For all those who aren’t interested skip the following paragraph; I wore the black stretchy skirt (from the top photo) and my new grey (gray for Americans) jumper, black tights and trainers….blue (electric blue) nailpolish and some blue eyeshadow. Pretty much standard for me in a skirt….so…

Anyway. he was absolutely fine, and after a little nervousness we just chatted away. He even called me Kate, which was really nice.

Anwyay – after changing back into “andro mode” we trundled into London (I’ve been around London as me, but unless I know the area then I’m not really happy to wander about as me), for the evenings main entertainment which was…to see Elastica….

And that was cool. It was in the Astoria, which is a “slighly” Seedy looking gay club most of the week, but makes for a nice small venue. I was in the second “row” of the crush at the front and so had an excellent view….

The support bands (Zoe Llyons, a band who I desparately want to call compostor, and Fridge) weren’t that hot. The Zoe bloke was clearly good at what he does, I just don’t like it. The band who’s name I constantly forget were good, but not really interesting (noting awe inspiring, and seemed highly derivative), and Frigde….fridge were a real disapointment. I so wanted to like them…..but they were just…..dull.

The thing about fridge was that it never did anything tune wise. It would start strong, then just carry on exactly the same for about 10 minutes and then stop. Although I would (for each song) go…”ohhh, this sound good” (in mt head at least), after 5 minutes I’d just be going “and….what’s it going to do now”.

Anyway….Elastica played for about an Hour. And they were excellent. Absolutley ****ing excellent. Wow. The one song that was really missed was Vaseline – which they claimed the new band members don’t know how to play….

Donna’s replacement (who’s name I don’t yet know) was cool, bouncy, fun….and even Annie smiled. Only briefly – but hey…..

So….if they do release their new album in march there’ll be a purchase there….

Also there’s the merest possibility, of a hint of a chance that I might, just possibly, have found an intresting house….if they’ll keep it until March. And so, that’s my life….

Anyway – I’ve got to go, other things to do…..
like sleeping…

TTFN – Kate.

Addendum: The one odd thing about seeing my freind is the male/female issue – which is I’m never quite sure what to call myself. The automatic – substitute “male” for “female” catches me, but not all the time. For example I was a “knight of the road….or whatever you call a female knight….”

Ahh well.


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