13 Jan 2000

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Well, lots to write, and so little time! I’ve been on holiday, am threataning to move out on my own (again), cheered up, been to the BETT show (okay my male alter-ego went), and just generally been doing lots. This weekend should also prove to be interesting……for reasons that you will find out later.

Okay, first up the Holiday….

On the 4th of Jan I set off up to Coventry to meet my Girlfriend, and after brief stay at her house we set of in her parents car…..leaving Nina at home. Something that nina’s been bemoaning since I brought her back! Anyway….we went down to wales and having arrived in our Gorgeous cottage I appeared….and didn’t disappear for a whole 4 days….

We visited Harlech castle, the CAT centre, Dinorwig powerstation (Electric Mountain), waterfalls, Barmouth, and just generally relaxed…. It was fantastic to spend some time alone with Han, and to be me continuously…although at the Cat centre where I payed for lunch using my debit card which proclaims “Mr….” did provoke a bit of an odd look….I think she was trying to decide if I really did have breasts under my coat….

I’m not sure what she plumped for as the card-swipe machine wasn’t working which meant paying by cheque (my only millenium preparation – to fish out my cheque book. Probably the wisest decision ever) – and my cheque book is nicely a-sexual when it comes to my name….

So perhaps she though I was TS and mid change….or maybe she didn’t….who knows (apart from her).

Anyway – whatever it was, I got some great photo’s in Wales (why not check out my other website: The gallery and see some of the better shots (yeah, okay, that’s an unashamed plug)).

So, then there’s moving out….well, yet again I’ve started to make vague plans about shifting to my own abode….away from this place…where I can be myself….so thats that.

The BETT show was interesting….and as I used to say – it’s not a show unless you get a mug…..Thanks Akhter – not that I actually advocate their products….I just wanted a mug!

And I got some good bargains on the book front (NT4 and C++ for £25), also got a “evaluation edition” of SuSE Linux…so that’s going to replace the out of date version of Redhat on the PC…. Hopefully it’ll recognise the PC’s graphics card.

And finally, this weekend……well, I’m going to meet the first friend (excluding my partner) as me. This is a scary experience – and, well, typical girl – I can’t decide what to wear! Initially it was just going to be jeans and a tee shirt, but I’d quite like to wear a skirt….just in a kind of – I can so I will…..but….well….we’ll see. Then there’s a possibility of me meeting the second friend…..the first person I ever literally told (okay it was down the phone). I’m leaving that up to him – so I’ll be in ‘andro’ mode unless he wants to see ‘me’. I’m scared he’ll read this before I see him and feel pressured which is not what I want at all.

The only way to do it is for him to decide when he’s ready – I don’t want him to think I’m pushing him because I’m not. Although for him it definately wouldn’t be a skirt!

Anyway – we’ll see how it goes after this weekend!

So that’s my life at the mo…..



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