12 Feb 2000 – 17:36.05

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12 Feb 2000 – 17:36.05….

I just know you’re all dying to know…..what happened at the MOT test…?

Well, she failed. Not badly, but she did….and on Monday AM I’ve got to go in to get a new handbrake cable fitted; however…..the mechanic was amazed at how good her condition is (although the paint’s not exactly spectacular she’s got very little rust…..etc….)….so in celebration I gave her a thorough wash…..

And…(I’ve been a good girl today!) I washed my dad’s car, and did the washing up, and assembled the new TV Ariel, and “fixed” my dad’s car’s wheeltrim…

But the good news today is that I can access the internet through my Acorn….after much searching I’ve found a (free) Proxy – so now my Acorn can see the world! Whey!

Anyway……oh yes, and now my SuSE set-up is running in a sensible resolution…..and I’ve finally done a backup (bugger – should have written this page first….oh well).

Yes, so, there we go…

There was a bit of a near miss this morning…..I was as me, having woken up and I was considering getting up (for the MOT test), when my dad walks in to check I’m awake for the MOT test…..

So, I’m slouching and pulling the duvet up to make sure that my chest isn’t visible……don’t these people understand the meaning of the word privacy? (no)…..

Oh, oh, yes…..I’ve finally made the connection between someone I (think I’ve) met, and someone on the TG-List……only 2 months…..that’s quite quick in some ways….so Hiya Kira! I’ve been using your software…..! Yes, and with my newfound Linux installation I’m considering joining Linux Grrls….that seems like a good idea…..

Anyway, back to the grindstone….or something!


Just thought I’d slip in that I’ve update the computer section on my alter-ego’s page….




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