01 Jan 2000

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01 Jan 2000, 20:16.58.

Arse. I’m knackered. ‘scuse typing…..having trouble with brain – hand coordination….

Right, anyway. I just spent a marvelous 2.5 days with the SO…..I’ve got some xmas prezzies….although a incident when we arrived back – known commonly as panic – lead me to break one…..but – the SO says she’s managed to fix my neclace….

Also, my oldest friend – who I’ve known since I was about 2, and who sounds like he’s having a s**tty time in his new home/job/life reacted wonderfully to my informing him that I was TG. I got the letter from him on the 30th – which I stopped to read on the way to Hannah’s, Largely because having guessed it was him, it began – Dear Kate…. which was the best present he could give me. So….Thankyou Brian.

New Year was spent in the company of some very good friends – taking the piss as usual. Oddly, most of them know about me – or at least a fair proportion of them know – probably all those who know individually knowing – not knowing who else knows – which made it harder than usual for me to avoid standing on the table and doing my whole – I’m TS speech for the remaining few – just to get it over and done with – particularly affter a few bottles of Hooch and some celibratory champagne (substitute).

However there’s the one person I haven’t yet told personally – who I need to tell in an individual kind of sit down and explain kind of fashion…. He now know’s somethings up – but he doesn’t know what. He knows that I have an alternative web site to the front I present to the world a lot of the time, but again he doesn’t know what it says – as he doesn’t know where it is.

I don’t want to hurt him – but because I suspect that he really didn’t suspect – I need to spend a little time with him. This is partially I suspect becuase I was afraid of loosing his friendship and to some extent scared by what his reaction would be to “I’m TS”, so I worked harder than with most people to present the appropritate front….

But I nearly dropped myself in it…when discussing childhood I nearly called myself a little girl…..oooops. My slightly alcohol befuddled brain caught the rogue phrase on it’s way to the voice-box and desperately tried to substitute a word…..now “boy” would have been the obvious one – but it doesn’t feel right – so it ended up being “person”!

Apart from that minor slip it went well. That and a really strong desire to turn up in my new purple dress which, though I would have been rather overdressed for the occasion – I wanted to wear…..just to show off!

On the car front Nina performed marveolously – she’s still leaking – but she just cruises through any journey (touch large oak forest). And is a pleasure to drive….

And I got to wear my suit…not for a “valid” reason – I just wore it on my way to see Han, and I had a long bath, and shaved my legs, and oh – heaven. I just love shaven legs…they feel so different! It was nice to pamper myself for an evening – even if it did mean avoiding my parents…. However I don’t know if their subconciously helping…..’cos they gave me a new dressing gown for Xmas – and it’s far longer than the old one….which means you can’t see when I’ve shaven my legs!

Anyway….now I’ve woken up I think I’ll surf the web for a bit…and then, probably off to bed.

Happy New Year/Millenium


:Courtesy of Paul….Oh you’re so 20th centuary….. :-)


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