26th Dec 1999

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26 Dec 1999, 23:09.27

Well, I’ve been prolific this month…..

Today finds me in a better – if nervous mood. Xmas was an odd experience becuase for the first time in the history of the world my sister hosted the festivities….

I had a really good time – despite my sister being vegitarian – and thus no Turkey – she cooked an excellent meal which I thoughly enjoyed… and the presents were excellent – although I still owe my parents a present – because Richer Sounds failed to have what I wanted in stock….

I’m nervous becuase I’m on the verge of psoting a letter to a friend saying I’m TS, and I’m still waiting for a response from my oldest friend – after telling him that I’m TS. Now when I say my oldest friend I mean oldest. I’ve known him since I was about 2, we’ve been friends since then with only the shortest of breaks (a fight in a sandpit). Loosing his friendship would be somewhat like loosing a limb. Unfortunately I had to tell him over e-mail. It was the right time, I hope.

My feelings over Xmas were odd. Because I wanted to be me. However the situation was such that I could not – but the best moment – without doubt was walking into their bathroom and seeing _myself_ in the mirror. Okay, flat chested and slightly stubbly – but there I was.

The other amusing thing is this: I have used womens antipersperant for about 2 years now….pretty much wandering around the “Sure” range. Now from thir packaging, their location in the shop and the fact that they come in fragrances such as cool silk, you might suspect that they were womens…

What did my parents get me for Xmas…..3 cans of Sure…..

Oh yes….the other disturbing thing. I went up to see the S.O. in the frozen midlands, and had a wonderful time (John Wayne (in joke) Tea (another in joke)). Anyway, on arriving back I found my parents had tidied my room – something they were under the mistaken impression I’d be emensly grateful for – hmmmm – there may be c**p every where, but it’s my c**p and I know where everything is (was). Anyway – this was bad. Bad because located in my wardrobe (which when I left had clothes spilling out onto the floor) was: 1 body, 1 blouse, 1 bra, 3 pairs of obviously womens jeans.

I get back. The jeans are folded. The other clothes are there….. Everything else is put away, the jeans are put away – the bra, blouse and body aren’t….


  1. Do my parents know?
  2. Evidence for: Present. Evidence Against: No comments

  3. Do my parents think it’s the S.O.’s stuff?
  4. Evidence for: not put away – perhaps they didn’t notice the womens jeans…. Evidence against: No comments (I’d expect sarky comments from my dad).

If they don’t bring it up I’m not going to…not yet….

Hmmmm…how to increase your stress levels in one easy step!

Oh well, that’s all for today…

Lots of love.


Who’s hoping it won’t rain tomorrow so she can look at her car and see WTF it leaks.


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