6th Dec 1999

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06 Dec 1999

Well, first day at the new job….how did it go?
06:45. Awaken to the melodious tunes of Virgin Radio + Static
07:30. Set off, Hugo start’s first time, the wail of the waterpump being covered by a radio turned up “quite” loud.
08:00. Temperature gauge starts rising. Rather rapidly.
08:10. Pull into shell garage. Top up header tank (which was completely empty) Daren’t try to open radiator as it’s bloody hot.
08:20. Limp into place of work. Water pump screaching and making rending metal noises.
08:30. Begin work. Ritual humiliation of being “introduced” to a room full of people.
17:00. End work. Pour in a full 5 litres of water before heading off…..At random passing place before the major A road stop and pour in another 1.5 litres. At first garage stop and pour in 3 litres. Refresh water supplies.

At 3rd garage stop, and pour in 5 litres. At junction about 10 minutes from home – stop and pour in the final 3 litres of water. Stagger home – at 40 miles an hour.

Strip car.

I actually quite enjoyed work. Not that I did much….. It being (a) the first day and (b) quiet anyway – All I did was take apart a laptop and fail to mend it.

Still it’s a nice place with free food and coffee. So. Missing Hannah. Need a hug. Okay – I’ve got a job – now all I need is a house……



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