4th Dec 1999

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04 Dec 1999,23:50.05

I’m going to be slaughtered. I’ve been on the net for 2 hours. Oh god.

I’ve just realised that while 10261 people have been here, or at least to Kate’s Cavernous Cavern’s index page; an amazingly small (approx as changed counter) 400 people have visited Kato’s pointless page. I’m sure this says something and I’m not at all sure that I know what it is.

It worries me that people might just be visiting my site because they are looking up transsexual. However if it’s being helpful in some way to those finding it then that’s wonderful….

I simply didn’t realise how many hit’s this site’s been taking. Wow. And wow again.

Obviously some of those are repeat visits. And a couple of them are mine. But in general I don’t bother to look at the index page – because I don’t bother to look at anything except to check it’s up okay…I’ve got the site on my hard-disk so I hardly need to look at it.

Anyway – today has been a little stressful. The screaching noise eminating from the front of my car was diagnosed as a water pump failing (it was working but leaking slowly and definately on it’s way out). So a replacement was obtained….

Yugo Parts Number
Code is incorrect (area code had changed); obtain new code
Number unobtainable (suprise, suprise)
Check with operator – says number is now preceded by an 8
however she checks it and finds it’s changed (recorded message)
and so she gives me the new number….
New number “temporarily out of order”
Ring operator – find out it’s been out of order for years!
So then we tried a local part company – yes they could get one – but to get it with 1 week would cost £43. Half the cost of the car. So a local breakers was tried. Yes they had one, it was £17. A lot more like it!

Obtained. Fitted. Cut finger. Attempted to crush other finger. Much pain. Now leaks more than it did before. God knows why. Standing in garage with bucket under it. Arse.

And to top it off Adecco haven’t paid me for 2 weeks. Impressed I am not. (Yoda I am not).

I’m still in shock from the 10000! Wow. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy (in the words of “working girl”).

Anyway – I’m shattered. My parents got me up at 8 to play musical cars this morning. so I feel like death. Time for bed. G’night.



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