12 Dec 1999

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12 Dec 1999

The chaos in my room continues unabated; the keyboards, mice and suchlike cluttering up every surface available. My feet are resting on two video recorders on-top of which is a huge box of slides. Arrgggg. I need a place of my own. Just so I can spread out my stuff around the house. I mean how many people have a drinks “cabinet” (shelf) in their bedroom. No, don’t answer that.

Envy has been playing a bit of a role this weekend. My sisters birthday. There I sat saying how wonderful her dresses that she had just got looked – wishing they were mine (actually they wouldn’t fit. She’s several sizes smaller than me – but they were gorgeous). Then I got DVD Review magazine. And it has Carrie-Anne Moss, (Trinity from the Matrix). Oh god – I wish I looked like that. Anyway. I tried to write something today, however I didn’t get time. I did wash two cars, clean the patio (wash of the gunk that grows on the paving stones), do my Xmas cards (sorry anyone I missed), write a letter to Hannah, have a shower and enter 3 competitions.

That’s not bad for a sunday. Oh and Hugo’s getting a new radiator next week. So there we go.

In an attempt to make up for not writing anything I’ve decided to stick something on the “scrawl” page inviting people to e-mail me, and I’ll chuck an e-mail out whenever I write a new chapter. How does that sound?

Okay…off to play now….I’m going to see about a new look for this site.

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