29 Nov 1999

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29 Nov 1999

He he he he he…..I’ve got a job…..and now to celebrate…..Black & White (Choice Old Scotch Whisky)….hic….


29 Nov 1999; 00:32.18

Well, it’s been an odd 10 days. I’ve spent a wonderful 2 days at Hannahs (with her parents)….It all went swimmingly apart from some heart stopping moments involving the word Tea. Both in the form of Tea – Dinner and Tea – Tea. It was wonderful to see her – and be woken in the morning with a kiss.

Sadly I didn’t get the chance to chat to Abi (Hannah’s sister), due to time pressures although she did get a couple of words in at the computer show (Yes – I went to a computer show – but only for a couple of hours – it allowed me to pick up a new cartridge for my printer…..). The nicest thing was to go to sleep with her arms around me…and to hear her breathing….I miss that when she’s not around.

Anyway – I had an interview – which may or may not have gone well. I hope it did. Ironically it was at a Girls School. One of the questions was what do you do when 30 girls fall in love with you? Err….what – are they all gay? No, that wasn’t the answer I gave. Also my machine is online – so watch out for new, improved e-mail facilities.

My dad pilfered a monitor from work for me (actually they were quite keen for him to take it as it’s surplus to requirements at the moment. So that’s 1 Dell 17″ monitor sat next to my MTC 17″ monitor….)

However bad things that happened this week consisted of:
Hugo breaking down and dumping me in a Q8 garage in Thatcham
Miserable, foul, awful day at work.

Hugo’s throttle return spring went walkies – it appears that they have to be ordered specially – so courtesy of a 1980 fiesta we have a replacement made from a bonnet spring. However I had to call my dad out at 11pm, to tow me home…..He was very good about it – but probably not really impressed….

The bad day at work was just that – however it was the same day Hugo broke down. Thank god for Hannah – she really cheered me up – even if I did ring her at 1.15am….

Also I found out there’s someone at work who’s a transvestite – and I also saw the range of opinions on the matter (he was defending the right of men to wear dresses – because he likes wearing dresses). From “yeah, whatever” to “Good for you – do what you want” to verging on “pervert”. The last of which was definately in the minority – although apparently it’s against dress code regulations for a man to come in wearing a dress – which is discrimination I believe.

Anyway – we discussed briefly Rocky Horror – and he implied, no he out right said – I was the sort of person who wouldn’t dress up…!!!!!! Anyway – I put him straight on that one and now nearly everyone’s seen the Rocky Horror show shot – (see Worlds Worst Photos of Me)….

And most of them complemented me on my legs….. :-)

Anyway – best be off….time to sleep me thinks.

Loads of love



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