16th Dec 1999

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Oh my god, this is written at a sensible time!

Well, I though you deprived people all needed an update on my life….

What’s happened in the past 4 days? Well I’ve actually had an interesting few days. My job has ben dead quiet over the last two days – simply due to the fact that the school has broken up for Xmas – so it’s only the few departments which are still about and any left over jobs to do…..

So I’ve spent many happy hours downloading stuff off the internet – and borrowed the School Zip Drive to bring ~270 Mb home!

Hugo’s still playing up a little *as is my spacebar*. If anyone can suggest the origin of a high pitched screech which tends to appear when the engine revs change dramatically, on starting or on changing gear (it comes and goes fairly quickly, doesn’t always happen and is driving me nuts). So I’ll ask my local Yugo specialist next time I see him (Saturday – when I get the new Radiator). However he’s been generally good. Getting me home and to work (tocuh wood) reliably…..Starting in the mornings….there was one incident tho’…

About two mornings I got up – struggled through my morning routine – reaching the car at 7:45 (to be at work at 8:30). Ice was thick on the windows, and the first sign that something might be amiss came as I tried to put the key in the lock….

The little cover thing was “unkeen” on moving

After a while the key slipped right in. Would it turn? Ha.

So I wandered round to the passenger door – I’ll open this one then….or not. The only entry point I could open was the boot. Ha – I’ll clamber in, and open the door from the inside. No. Not on – leaning in only proved how solidly frozen the mechanism was. Sitll after about 15 minutes of alternately spraying deicer and breathing on the lock it opened. And I made it to work on time!

Now, the other thing that has happened is along these lines. Last night I was on ICQ – yes my parents are going to kill me – with Hannah (Who’s coming to see me next week – WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!, Sorry). Anyway – someone logged on and saw “Web design” in the description of my profile. Perhaps I should make clear that in general I’m on ICQ as myself.

Anyway – they queried whether I was interested in doing some web-design work in Reading….after some inaccurate statments – I came clean. I sent them my web page (i.e. this one) as one of the example sites – and asked them to e-mail my (Kate’s) address…. Now after panicing for about a week….and Hannah – quite reasonibly suggesting that perhaps I should calm down. I did.

And then I sent an e-mail to my oldest friend. The one I’ve known for 18 of my 21 years – and only had 2 arguments with – just chatting about what’s been going on. Then a strange “insanity” overcame me – and I explained about myself. As in myself. And now I’m dead nervous. I can’t tell if it was a good idea or not – but I had to tell him.

Anyway – got to cook dinner now.


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