19 Nov 1999

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Just a quickie tonight….long day at work (long night too). Hopped into Hugo – not keen, not keen at all. Stalled twice (a first for Hugo who normally goes first time) however it was bloody cold. The drive to the alternator makes a horrible screech when it’s damp (it slips) – which is fun. And, as usual the reversing lights didn’t work when I got home.

In the end I reversed into the space with the hazard lights on just so I could see. I’ve diagnosed the fault with the reversing lights though. They need to be taken to pieces and tested because then they invariably work for a period of time defined as X: where X is no less than the period of time it takes me to stop checking the fault and is greater than Y which is the minimum amount of time between faults where I actually put some real effort into fixing it.

Bad news today – I didn’t get the job in Swindon (which was a crummy job anyway) but still – any job is better than no job….as I’m sure many people will tell you.

Still off to see Hannah tomorrow…should have a quick go at the reversing lights before then really – but I’ll probably leave ’em till my day off. So.

(Said it’d be quick)

PS Kate’s computer hint for the day – no matter how many times you repeat the procedure: [shift]+double click (to open a file to Zap instead of opening it in the registered program) does not work if you are using a keyboard which is connected to a different computer to that which the mouse is connected to. Remeber that, it can save a lot of time….


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