18th Nov 1999

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18 Nov 1999

Knackered. I’ve just had two days off work – one for an interview for a job I’d like but am so totally underqualified for it’s laughable and one for a totally useless open day.

I’ve spent £350 on a PC, which is bad.

However I’m warm and snug, I’ve got a nice glass of whisky (not whiskey) and I’ve had a fairly nice day (I got to be me for a bit) – so I’m feeling quite content for once. Also I’m seeing Hannah on Saturday (as in the day after tomorrow) so I’m looking forward to that.

Thanks to everyone on the list for your comments – they’re really nice – I’ll be with you as soon as I get a network card for the PC, and set it up as a gateway…..

One bad thing did happen today – my uncle was admitted to hospital with severe blood loss from a stomach ulser – we’re all hoping he’s going to be okay….so that wasn’t very nice news.

On the upside my parents had a good day – they went shopping in London – and got my sister some gorgeous dresses – that was a bit tough on me, my mum showing me these really nice, designer dresses (bought at huge discount) – and having to say how nice they were without (a)Giving away that I’d like them for me, or (b) it being to obvious I was in love with one of them…..

On the job front I’ve got one more interview coming up next week, and 2 jobs to hear from so – maybe, just maybe (as the lottery would have us believe).

The other computer, the PC: Well, I just have to be a bit techie! It’s an AMD K6-II @ 400MHz, 32MB PC100 D-Ram, 8.4Gig Maxtor HDD, Pioneer 1X DVD-Rom drive, Apollo M/board – VIA MVP3 Chipset, SiS S3 Virge GX Graphics card (AGP!), Avance 16 bit “soundcard” (See comment later), Adaptec 1502 SCSI card (for use with the scanner) & Motorola modem (56K/V.90).

It’s currently using my dad’s old 14″ monitor, but I’m hoping to borrow a 17″ one from my dad’s work; it’s got Win95(OSR2, USB patch) and Linux (RedHat 5.1) – on it at the moment. Linux doesn’t like the graphics card – and I still can’t get Windows to play ball with the soundcard 100%. It plays stuff through directX but anything else and – well you’re buggered to be honest. (Despite me downloading the latest drivers)

Apart from that all is well, except for the fact that they sent me the wrong bloody ethernet card – hence my machines lack of networkedness – otherwise this site would have been re-uploaded as would my new, funky, sexy site (wait for the release!). Anyhow, that’s the way it stands with that.

A big hiya to my friends who know about me! And Happy Birthday (& loads of apologies) to Hope!

I mentioned paint last time, specifically lipari blue. Well it’s a crap match for my paint. So now my car has rust-black along the bottom. Actually it looks okay – but it took me the whole three days to do the work. However the petrol tank is now painted, shiny and cool, as are quite a lot of bits and pieces under the car, the radio is properly fitted – as is the clock, and the boot no longer leaks – due to a small rust hole which has now been filled.

I think that’ll do. If I’m in the mood I might try and write something tomorrow – but I’ve got work in the afternoon – which is, err fun. I’ve also got to pack! Wheee.

Anyway, bed time……’cos some of us gotta work you know!




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