29 Oct 1999

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29 Oct 1999

Well, there we go two updates in three days – don’t I just spoil you sometimes! I have been (well male mode has been) to the (Wantage Regent 1 & 2) Cinema, I had a day off work (sick), and have been down to Motoquip (in Wantage)… I also found out that I haven’t got the job at the BBC (99.9% probable). Why? Well I came second – a fact which cheered me no end as I felt like I’d come about 100000000th after the interview. Apparently if the other person doesn’t want the job (Yuh-hu, like that’s likely – heres a perfect job, do you not want it?) then I can have it….

Anyway – the stress of ringing the BBC made me feel sick, or the garlic in the sausages yesterday, or something – so I crawled out of bed this morning and decided after about 10 minutes to crawl back in. Around 11 I started to feel human again and so I went to Wantage, and purchased for the purposes of work on the car, Some BLMC lipari blue (the closest match I could find to Yugo grey-blue), some Black for the Fuel tank, some Primer for the Fuel tank and some rust filler (to smooth over where the rust was)….

So that’s my next 3 days off taken care of. I also had an argument with my mother about why I want to move out (strangely the topic of because I want to change my sex, and I’d like a bit of privacy so that when I’m putting my bra away I don’t feel nervous all the time didn’t come up). So that was fun.

Then I went to see The Blair Witch Project. Now, I hear there are two camps, the Scared Stiff camp and the It was Okay camp – I’m definitely in the latter. It was clever, interesting and well done. However the characters were stupid and I lost sympathy with them (I couldn’t empathise with them after a certain amount of idiocy). I wasn’t scared – it did / has set me on edge rather and I keep seeing things moving in the background which is more than a little odd (so I guess it’s worked at that level). Part of this comes from a fairly certain belief in ghosts of some sort…..

Many many years ago….well in about 1995 I went to stay in a friends house in dorset….now when I say house I mean f*** off mansion. It was huge – okay to give you an idea of huge ½ of the house had been turned into an art collage. The kitchen was the size of a normal persons living room. But although downstairs was fine upstairs (1st floor) had a definite atmosphere and the top floor (up in the roof) really made me feel uncomfortable to the point of scared.

Anyway – the first odd thing was that despite the fact that we were the only people in the house when we left the curtains in the room that me and my friend (David) were staying in were closed when we went out in the morning (and I know that they were closed because we went in my car and I looked up just before I drove off to check we’d shut the window) – when we came back they were open. This was dismissed by David and I as – well we must have remembered it wrong….

That night as we were chatting – he suddenly turned to me and moaned at me for telling him to shut up – something I definitely hadn’t done. He said a voice, not quite like mine – older and more female told him to be quiet. Again this was ascribed to imagination by both of us. But the next night (when we were feeling a little more nervous) I felt someone touch my arm, blaming David. However David was on the wrong side of me and would have had to lean across me to reach me. Since we were the only two people in the room and the light was on in the hall (it was impossible for someone else to get in without it being obvious) – I started to get a little nervous – basically hiding in my sleeping bag. The only other thing that night was that we both felt a drop in temperature in the room.

The next morning we asked about the room (which was nicer than the other room in use) and were told that they didn’t use it much because their grandmother had died in there – the bed had been disposed of because they didn’t feel very happy about using it but the rest of the furniture had remained.

The final thing didn’t happen in that room (because we refused to sleep in it). I went to the loo. It took me about 5 minutes; I had been before (!) I walked up the flight of stairs from the hall by the kitchen to the corridor upstairs and into the loo. I went to the loo, washed my hands, walked downstairs and into the kitchen where-upon everyone said “Where the hell have you been?”. I looked puzzled, said I’d only been gone looked at my watch and swore – about half an hour had passed since I’d left…apparently they’ed called for me and assumed I must have gone to sleep….

I was leaving the next day – something which I was very pleased about. I had a great holiday – but the house is freaky. So now I believe in ghosts – something which is at odds with my scientific views but, well I don’t care.

Anyway – I should sleep now, since it’s 23:57.29 and I’ve got work tomorrow…..


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