16 Sep 1999, 01:43.28

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16 Sep 1999, 01:43.28

Okay – done job things, got an e-mail for Adam….time to brag about my girlfriend again…..sorry.

I was just sitting here thinking how lucky I am….she’s just wonderful to me….we both worry chronically about being self-centred….which is I suppose quite funny….

The thing is – and why I feel so lucky is she keeps saying “it’s nothing anyone else wouldn’t do”. For a start she’s comfortable, neigh happier with Kate than “Kato”, which is something I’m so grateful for it’s defies language. She shaves my legs, warms up my “chest”, massages my back (with moisturiser), paints my nails, she give’s me a my little pony (because apparently every girl should have a my little pony (erm, it’s lovely darling….)), she does her own research (and want’s to know what makes me tick), puts up with my bookshop obsession…..she reminds me that I’m about to go out as Kate and am I sure that I want to…. She is something very special.

She’s so open hearted it’s fantastic and I love her lots. She may be distant in physical space but she’s very close mentally…..and she gave me Gromit to hug in her absence…

Anyway – time to send some bit’s flying!

Love Kate….


16 Sep 1999, 00:51.47

Well from this I can say that it’s 3 days since Hannah went back, and I’m still missing her…… My parents are driving me nutty (they don’t bother me at all for hours then suddenly they manage to irritate me beyond belief). In some ways I’ve had a better day than I was expecting. Another shopping accident occured……No. Let’s start at the beginning!

First of all we moved some fish down from our house (a small seasonal river flows through our garden; no it’s not a mansion – 2 small bedrooms, 1 larger bedroom, lounge, front room/entrance room/ not sure what it is, kitchen/dining room and a bathroom) – anyway – every year hundreds of little fish (fry) end up stuck in fast drying puddles of water outside our door – so we scoop them out and shunt them 3 miles down-stream where the river flows much longer….

So, saving fish was quite cool – but for some reason I had no enthusiasm for the day – you know when you just feel really apathetic. Anyway – after hours of moaning from my mum I went into Newbury (ah, a location!) – and mooched around. Being very very good I ignored the Telephoto lens doublers that were in the camera shop window….calling to me, saying:


“Look – I’m only £10. Buy me, buy me”
And I resolved not to spend any money….then still feeling miserable I wandered into Waterstones (bookshop). Bugger *grin*. I can’t help myself. It’s my one vice, well that and strappy tops. And maybe chocolate sauce ;-)

Anyway I walked out £7 less rich. But a lot happier – ‘cos the bloke on the till likes Sara Paretsky novels too….and recommended some other reading (okay maybe it’s his job to flog books but he was genuinely friendly and it cheered me up no end).

Then I went to the job agency – who were excellent – so the cash flow situation might improve just a smidgen…..even if it does mean getting up @ 5.30am 3 days out of 9 – still I knock off at 2pm, so that’s not too bad. 6 days on, 3 days off…..that’s 1/3 of the year off….but I need the money….still 3 months payed employment will be handy.

Anyway – I’m going to write some e-mails to my neglected friends – and then it’s time for bed. Well more accurately it’s time for bed now. But sod sleeping……I think.

Oh yes and now I (Kate) have sorted out so I have my own sig….

Have fun! Kate….


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