07 Sep 1999, 15:37.35

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07 Sep 1999, 15:37.35

Ha, fixed it. (see earlier entry for explanation).


07 Sep 1999, 14:18.45

Oooh, daytime and I’m writing something….but since the SO is looking we’ll leave the rest until she’s not around *grin*.

Anyway, a relaxing week of:

  1. My parents being away
  2. The SO Being here
  3. Gorgeous weather

means that I’ve been out and about quite a bit….making it harder to put myself away when the parents come back (BTW for information I’m 21, living at home while looking for employment and the parents are (hopefully) not going to be informed until I can saunter away to give them time to chill out if ness.). Anyway – it’s been great fun – and theres more yet….

Apart from that, I’ve managed to put the Hannah’s bit up on the SO’s page…which is one of the most touching things I’ve read. Ahhh, she’s all sleepy on the bed….

There’s lots more, but we don’t want her to see it before it goes up, so I’ll wait until she’s gone. However the depressing news it that she’s off up north, and thus visits will be less frequent than they have been.

Also – I’m still thinking it’s time to fix the links bar which has been broken since I “improved” it.

Oh yes and I GOT TO MEET ELASTICA!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! Signed EP box. Wooo HOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Cool or what??? And they played for ~1Hr. Loved the new stuff, still love the old stuff. The EP’s currently being played to death by me…..so that’s cooooool.

Anyhow. I’m going to have a shower ‘cos my Sis is coming and we need to get cleaned up having cleaned up the house……


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