13 Sep 1999, 15:03.37

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13 Sep 1999, 15:03.37

Well, Hannah (the S.O.) went home yesterday – and I miss her dreadfully. She spent just over a week down here while my parents were on holiday – and I have managed to be myself almost all the time (except for shopping and a few other odds and ends).

I’ve got to put myself away as it were in preparation for my parents arrival – so all the clothes scattered around my room (currently including bras, strappy tops, skirts, and knickers) will be popped back in their box and neatly put away.

This is going to be harder than before because I have become so comfortable over the last two weeks – especially since the S.O. bought me a “chest” – to replace the foodbags full of water (a little less than ½ a pint makes a fairly reasonable B cup – make sure you remove the air) which had been driving both of us insane with their rustling. Being of asian decent it’s a little difficult to get the correct colouration, but these are not intended to be seen by anyone ‘cept Hannah anyway – so it doesn’t matter. And they are a damn sight more comfortable and warm than the water (hint two for water – use boiled water (allowed to cool) then heat them on a hot water bottle!).

I’ve put up my story (chapter one of it anyway) so I can now be scared stiff about the responses. It’s not the traditional T* story in that it’s not particularly about being T*….it’s more about ordinary lives.

I’ve also put up a “contact page” and so I can now be told how bad this site is.

What else. I finished putting up the porch; I went to see Micky Blue Eyes at the local cinema – which was cool. Predictable but enjoyable – and our Mr Grant did not stammer too much…..

Apart from that I’ve started to get more – shall we say – florid in descriptions of my experience (job wise). Not lying – just writing in such a way as to allow multiple interpretations of the sentances – the most obvious not nessacarily being accurate. I’m fed up of being told I don’t have the 2000 years experience in a commercial environment….Aledgedly there’s a skills shortage – but if they won’t employ me until I’ve got commercial experience how am I meant to get it?

Sorry, moan over.

The computers also playing up – but then it has been on for days without a break – that may not sound much but – it needs a 9″ desk fan to keep it cool enough to work (it has that many drives in it) – so several days without a crash (requiring a reset) is pretty good. But one of my macro inserters is now just going splut and the browser keeps complaining about undefined font handles (comes from S24’s habit of resetting my machine to the system font). Okay. Time to tidy and do job apps…..fun fun fun.

Missing SO. Bugger.

Love Kate


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