The problem with nights

I suspect I whine about this every single time, don’t I? Every time I’m on nights, I’m struck again by the fact that although I do 7 nights, I actually spend 8 nights not with my partner – why? Well, because I have to swing my body clock around and the easiest way for me to achieve that is to stay up ‘stupid late’ on the night before I start my nights. Usually to at least 3 or 4 am.

It’s kind of rotating my body clock in smaller increments, I guess. Anyhow, it does have some advantages, slim though they are. I have had a plan for Kathryn’s present, and being awake when she’s asleep has allowed me to implement it :)

Of course, I’ve got a whole week of awake when she’s asleep to sort stuff out, but this was a job where I needed to at least be slightly with it, which the rest of it isn’t.

I’ve also spent a cheerful evening doing this. Yes, I finally got the Viva EV website up and sorted. Somewhat slow, but there y’go. I suspect the punctuation’s a little suspect at the moment, and sadly the words don’t flow so easily when I’m tired and fuzzy; but the concept’s there, and once it’s a little more polished I’ll work on the mail shot, and we’ll see how far this thing flies.

Plan for tomorrow, incidentally, is to sleep as long as possible and then run the G5 to the store. I wanted to check if there were any warranty stickers that Nikki may have voided on her way to checking out it’s power supply; but frankly… Look, I thought the Risc PC’s case was a pig to get to components in, but the G5 Powermac case takes the frigging biscuit. It’s like some kind of hideous maze of impossibility, and to replace the power supply appears to be a herculean task involving the disassembly of the entire machine. As cars are built around their heaters, the G5 appears to have been assembled around it’s power supply.

So, I’m trusting to luck (which is a bad thing to trust to in my experience), and praying that there weren’t any warranty stickers on it. Or if there were, that she removed them completely.

At any rate, plan remains to take it to the Apple Service place tomorrow and let them do the stripping. I’m praying here that it really *is* just the power supply that went bang, and if it is, then I shall shibby all the way back home. I shan’t shibby with it up the stairs because it weighs a simply phenominal amount. But I’ll shibby once it’s up the stairs.

I’ll shibby even more once we’ve got that bloody 19″ behemoth out of the house.

So, in other, other news. Jonathon seems to think he’s stopped finding scary things. They stripped back some metalwork on the car and found that the floorpan’s holed in one place. Yes, Charles Ware’s Morris Minor Centre didn’t actually paint the floor before waxoyling it. Thanks guys.

So the 5 year old floor is in rather less great shape than I might have hoped, but not attrociously poor shape. The section can hopefully be repaired, but I’ve asked the scary ‘how much to strip it and paint it’ (the underside)  question.

Oh, and in other, other news; St Trinians is back and I fear I’ll have to go and see it. I’m sorry, but huge fan of the original films am I, and while the new one may not have Alistair Sims and George Cole, they’ve kept the Flash Harry character – and he *looks* quite like Flash Harry, and Miss Fritton is appropriately cast ;)

Anyway, it’ll be intriguing what they do to the poor series. Of course, when they start reviving St Trinians it does make you wonder what…well… where’s their imagination? I love St Trinians, but… One interesting side point from this – it looks like Ronald Searle’s original St Trinians sketches are going to be rereleased as a single book with ’em all in.

Hey, suggestion time: Make a film from the Thursday Next books; both Kathryn and I are quite up for this concept :)

Anyway, I’m done rambling now. And so, we’ll call that an evening shall we?


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