Um, yeah, this Journal thing.

See, thing is I have to avoid ranting. I want to rant, sometimes. Like when I came home from work having looked after the person with back pain that radiated around to the centre of their chest… they’d been to see the GP with this pain, and he’d said he’d check it out at their next appointment…

…although that doesn’t beat the GP who informed the person suffering severe central chest pain radiating to their left arm that they should leave the surgery and ring 999. Never mind the handy ideas such as a nice ECG, throwing some oxygen on, or administering even some asprin (hell, I have that in my *car*).

So I tend to leave it ’til I’ve got rid of the urge to rant, or at least minimised it, because otherwise this’ll become like Nee naw, or Random Acts Of Reality, only without the quality of writing that those guys bring to the topic.

So we’ll skip over that; although I have to share that I’ve started doing venepuncture. Which is fabby. Now I can wear my ‘Tapping the Vein’ teeshirt and it really will have a double meaning.

On the subject of music…

recommended Splashdown a little while ago; and I have to say they are fantastic. I’ve been listening to the Stars and Garters album a lot; and also both Redshift and Blueshift. Free music, ‘s pretty cool eh? That faintly leads onto film (it really does), and I saw this link about reactions in Texas to Sicko. Maybe free universal healthcare is going to finally make it’s way to America. And about time.

Uh, what else? Well, what’s been keeping me from updating, apart from obviously working my ass off at work and then working my ass off on the house, has been, well, the house. The bathroom continues, if not ‘apace’ then with as much alacrity as I can manage. I kind of overdid it today, but the benefit of that is I just need to go and get one more hunk of wood and then I can start aqua-boarding the faux-wall at the end of the shower. Once that’s done… well… then I might as well commence tiling. Although right now, commencing sleeping is quite high on the priority list.

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