FFS Day 7

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Handwritten checkbox list with every item checked off: ABX Ibu(profen) (2100) Para(cetamol, aka Acetaminophen) (1900) Peridex Nocté Goop

So yesterday was the last day of oral antibiotics. Thank fuck for that because as is so often the case when I’m on penicillins, not that I’ve been on them a ton, but towards the end I start to get lousy acid indigestion. Although, to be fair, that could equally well be that I’m mainly living on a liquid diet. I have had some soft actual food – yesterday I shredded a tortilla and dropped it into my tomato soup, along with the egg and cheese, and y’know what? That was pretty good.

And I also had an American style biscuit. That was also pretty good – it was a little salty, but it plus the peanut butter (smooth :-/ ) and jam made for a nice and unexpected treat. Kathryn also brought home icecream – which is not solid food but was very yummy.

Healing continues to trundle along. I keep feeling like I’m mostly better, then try and do something and discover that I’m really not. For values of “do something” where “sitting in my office chair and editing the next chapter of my audiobook version of Glow, worm” is the level of activity. But I have managed to go outside and do outside things. Well, walking. Kathryn and I like to wander – and once the sun’s down (since I’m now even more vampiric than before, I’m meant to avoid the sun basically all year), we headed out for a little wander which I managed without, I think, any of my little unsteady wobbles that I’ve had the past few days.

Honestly, I think I’m quite likely to stop doing the daily updates unless something crops up. Photos, yes, for my own interest. But realistically I’m now at just posting that I’m tired and waiting for that to wear off and start actually doing things again. Like exercise. Which apparently is a thing I like. Let’s not talk about the fact that’s happened.


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