Things continue not so much apace

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We’ve been working on the house in a kinda of slow way. Some jobs are just – well – they’ve been lacking urgency. We’ve done some work on the garden, planted a whole bunch of things that are, or aren’t, doing well. Our cabbages got super leggy, either because it was too warm, or not light enough. They may need a grow lamp. Our beans may be leggy or not – it’s a bit difficult to tell. We have some Brussel Sprouts, which sprouted but don’t seem that enthusiastic. And we’ve some tomatoes that started but seem to have got…less enthusiastic as time’s progressed.

We’ve ordered some soil, which is for the raised beds hopefully for the tomatoes, if they survive, and a bunch of the other veg. It also turns out we can still rent a rotorvator during the lockdown, so we’re going to, and we’ll be destroying some of our lawn creating some not raised beds. We’ve got a bunch of compost to rotovate in to that too.

Of course, all this relies on the weather behaving.

Monday / Tuesday I spent building a computer – having ordered one mainly to be able to edit video for Transport Evolved. Something I’ve wanted to help with for a while. It’s way more oomphy than anything I’ve built before (in a compared to current specs way, I mean, the last thing I built was about 8 years ago, I think, so obviously it’s more omphy than that)!

Me and elementary OS are still having some discussions about things, and I’ve discovered one of the keys on the keyboard I built doesn’t work, and it also needs a firmware update…which the supplied software only runs on windows… so uh, err. It’s a little more complex than I’d expected. It is a fracking nice keyboard though.

Yesterday I planned to do a bit more on the house, but the weather disagreed, supplying rain all day. Rain stops play, as they say.

So I edited video. First video I’ve edited for years. It’s currently in the queue with Nikki to see if it’s terrible. Hopefully not.

That’s it, really. Lockdown makes life… smaller. Which is odd, because we hardly went out before.


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