As usual, our timing is off.

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So we’re trundling along with the drywalling of the ceiling, still. It’s getting closer:

Just the irritating narrow strip at this end, and the skylights, oh and….

We’ve actually got about 8′ of completed ceiling on one side of the house which is super exciting. We’re going to go and try and put up some more this afternoon – and once we’re done with that, we’ve got some super fun bits in the shape of the skylights.

They are a bit of a nightmare approaching, but what can you do, other than, I suppose, not design your house to be a billion angular nightmares in one.

But it’s definitely getting there. We’ve still got a small bit of ceiling in the main loft space, and all of the tiny bonus loft space above the laundry to do. Once that’s all done we can move on to walls.

But our timing is off. Because if we were a month further along we might be at the point of having, say, flooring down. With heating in. Which would be good, because the temperature here has dropped to -8C (~17F). Which means that our poor little oil filled radiators are working flat out to keep the house warm.

In fact, I was just pondering as I was sat at home, that we are actually maxing out the circuit two of them are on (as there are only 2 live circuits in the house) – so I’ll have to revisit that when we get to the house. I’m trying to think if there’s another circuit I could make live.

But it was 11 C in the house yesterday, which “isn’t enough”. Well, it’s enough, but not comfortable to work in.

It is impressive that two small oil filled radiators are keeping that house at 11C, but… yeah, I’m going to have to revisit that and see if I can sort out a third circuit. I think the hall outlets are independent of the rest, and so I’d only have to blank off one outlet to make that live.


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