Unduly positive

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We have spent the last week getting a 6 3/8″ wide strip of drywall attached to our ceiling. Why? Well, because we’re insane. And rather than accept splitting the house perfectly down the middle (which would have been relatively easy), we instead made it so the ‘great room’ (Lounge, kitchen, dining room) has the peak and about 7 inches of the other side of the slope of the roof. The bedrooms, in turn, stop just short of the peak.

This seemed like a fabulous idea at the time. That time before we really understood what a nightmare an unsquare building was, and how incredibly heavy plasterboard is, and, obviously, the limitations of our abilities.

So, cue much research, discovery of Straitflex’s X-Crack (which allows for uneven framing and helps reduce the risk of cracks at the top of cathedral ceilings). And then cue a solid week of finicking, making shims, working within the bounds of our design to try and bridge the problem areas.

And after a solid week, and some rather painful holding up heavy things at awkward angles…


We are both, I think, honestly amazed at how good it is. And how level it is. Of course, just to make things more tricky because the wall is parallel to the other walls – it’s not straight along the ceiling. So the pitch of the slope changes slightly, which meant we spent a cheery hour yesterday working out how to adjust for *that*.

But it’s done. I think.

I’m off momentarily to start cutting the shims for that.

But despite the frigging nightmareishness of it all, and the fact that while we do have an extension for our drywall lift it now means that we have to get the damn drywall up 18″ higher than we used to. Which is higher, I think, that either of us can easily lift it, it actually all feels doable again.

We sat down and calculated the drywall requirements for the walls in the other rooms.

I also – because I was feeling astonishingly positive (and the sun is out) actually washed the Rav:

Yes, it really is ours. I know it’s normally more moss-covered than that…

Which looks pleasingly shiny. At least for a few hours :)

Still need to clean the inside, but it’s a step forwards.


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