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So it seems our buyer’s solicitors are set on doing every action sequentially. So rather than, say, when they were waiting for the survey to occur, getting the ‘Land Search’ done, and perhaps going through the inventory, they did each thing one after another waiting for the survey, then waiting for the land search, then doing the queries on the land search, then doing the inventory.

Now it turns out that rather than getting the contract prepared whilst waiting for the mortgage company to come back with the completed agreement, they’re waiting for for the mortgage company to come back.

This appears to be a very impressive way to make everything take as long as possible, which is driving us both absolutely spare. We’re now slipping another week, although this doesn’t yet impact the actual date we fly, but it means everything will be being shipped over the christmas period, and whereas we were expecting stuff to arrive just after we got there, we’re now not going to see our stuff until January.

On the plus side, Rebecca is back and looking tres shiny.

Picking RebeccaMog up from JLH

Although there was a rather anxious period as I flew down the motorway; everything started off fine, but as we trundled the temperature gauge crept mercilessly towards the red, eventually sitting at the border between high and TOO HOT!… Fortunately, shortly after it started its upward trend I spotted a set of services, then swung rapidly into their carpark (or ‘parking lot’).

As I pulled in the gauge continued its upward trajectory for a second, just sneaking into the red before plummeting downwards. A quick check demonstrated that she’d not vented all the coolant, so my suspicious mind says that the thermostat, not used to actually having to do anything, stuck. Then faced with the increasing hotness of the engine finally popped open. As to whether it’s now stuck open, I don’t know (but don’t think so, given that the needle resolutely sat at ‘normal’ for the rest of the journey).

Other than that, the journey was painless, and I was reminded (before I got on the motorway) of just how much fun a minor is to drive and why I’ve been so insanely persistent in keeping my poor beleaguered car on the road. I was also reminded that whilst the A series engine is a great engine, I really love EVs. After a few hours of the trundle down the motorway, the rasp of the A series does become fairly tedious.

Still, I love my little blue poached egg.

Task to achieve before we move – installing the headlining. If anyone in Bristol’s done this before, and would like to give me a hand, I’d appreciate it. I’ve just got some new wire to thread through the new headlining, and I’ve got instructions, and I’ve got a new headlining (and in fact, the old ratty one). Apparently it’s a task for which we should ‘allow a day’. So that’ll be fun.

Of course, at the moment, it does feel like ‘if we move’, with the solicitors being so frustrating.

Anyhow… (Deep breaths).

In good news, I have a job interview… so that’s nice :) Dunno when yet, what with me being in the wrong country and all…


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