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Cotton Fingers package

36 ladytime objects

i refuse to call me period anything other than moonsickness now

We are in fact werewolves

Fun fact: Native Americans used to call it “moontime”. (And I’ve been calling it that ever since I learned the phrase, because it sounds so much better.)

Tribes had ‘Moon Lodges’ and a woman would go into and stay in the lodge until her moon time has passed. During her time in the moon lodge, the elder women would teach her medicine, herbs, ceremonies, rites, prayers and on. Teachings were handed down to her.

The women, at this time, were expected to rest and not perform any chores and she was taken care of by the elder women of the tribe. No cooking, cleaning or lifting. This was a time for the woman to learn and nurture herself and to also embrace her womanhood.

A woman’s moon time was never looked down upon; there was no negativity put on it. The men respected and revered her. The men also cooked and took care of the children at this time, which was a wonderful time of bonding between a father and their children. It was a time of love and respect.


Reblogging for the history lesson! Damn!

This is awesome.

It’s name in Chinese can be translated into “Moon Time” also

I was about to make a joke about werewolves, but that was pretty awesome.