There’s a new law in California that requires Crisis Pregnancy Centers to refer women to clinics that provide abortions

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I do not like CPCs by any means and I think they should be required to disclose that they don’t provide or refer to abortion services but I don’t think that they have the duty to be forced to refer to abortion clinics.

I’m pro-choce and anti-CPC but I think this is unconstitutional and wrong ethically.

“The Reproductive FACT (Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency) Act, which will require any center that’s not an actual licensed medical facility to disclose that fact to clients. It also mandates that any licensed reproductive health provider inform its patients of California’s programs for affordable birth control, abortion, and prenatal care.” 

These places often masquerade as abortion clinics in effort to trick women seeking abortion advice into coming to a CPC instead where they will be bombarded with pro-life misinformation.

I personally think it’s extremely wrong that these fraudulent “clinics” are federally funded, or even allowed to remain open and operating, but requiring them to tell the truth and give real information about clinics that will actually help the patients that might be seeking abortion doesn’t come off as ethically wrong to me. At all. No one should have the legal protection to lie to and trick vulnerable people. 

Nope, I fully 100% support forcing these “”””clinics”””” that harass and basically assault and threaten people to tell the truth. Absolutely nothing wrong with that in my book.

How could putting a stop to highly unethical behavior be considered…unethical?

^^^^ perfectly put, thank you

I would agree with OP that it’s completely unreasonable to force CPCs to refer people to full-service reproductive health clinics … if they weren’t fraudulently pretending to be full-service reproductive health clinics.

Like, you want to open Pro-Life Counseling Centers where people can go if that’s what they’re looking for, that’s totally fine.  And of course it wouldn’t be okay to insist that such centers give people information about where to go and get the exact thing that they’re opposed to.

But if you bill yourself as a medical clinic when you’re not one, I have zero problem with a law that requires you to tell people where to get the real thing.