After all that effort

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So I’ve chased all across Bristol (telephonically, and via web, and occasionally in person), and then a while back had the random chance meeting with the guy at Fred Baker cycles who said he could repair my BSA three speed hub.

Then, yesterday, part of it unscrewed itself. Apparently, you can just screw it back in, but since the bike could do with some general loving, I decided after last night’s night shift, to haul myself from the pit of bed-land and make my way to Fred Baker*. Their phone was engaged and engaged and engaged, and then about 1/3rd of the way there I managed to reach them.

…and discovered both the mechanics that knew about archaic things like BSA hubs have left, and been replaced. The shop’s been sold…

…I can’t say I was in a happy mood as I drove back. Indeed ‘grumpy’ is the word that springs (unbidden) to mind.

Having grumped home I tried to find the shop that they said one of them had gone to (but which ‘might not be open yet’). Eventually I tried Bool’s Bicycles… who referred me to ‘Roll for the Soul’. A Bicycle workshop and CafĂ© at which I occasionally eat – because they do an insanely good veggie burger. Oh so good. So, so, so very good.

It turns out that Ryan there is an expert in BSA hubs…and keeps spares for them in stock. And can look at the poor object next week. I might, actually, have my bike back with a full compliment of gears by next week! That is insanity. I’ve put up with her not working for years and the place I ate lunch at could have fixed her.


* I was contemplating selling the bike last night, but gradually came to realise I’d really be very sad if I did, because it’s such a delightful object.


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