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you know I thought we had a 2 week holiday for Christmas but I guess I was wrong

also how Christmas break is for getting together with relatives and celebrating but when it’s a Muslim holiday then it gets turned into the religion prohibiting a person from education

I like how we get from ‘can I take Eid off’ to an argument that God is in favor of people learning mathematics. Sir, she didn’t ask you if God likes math.

BTW, tip for everyone, don’t ask them if you can take the class off. Tell them politely but firmly that you will not be in, because Eid, or Yom Kippur, or whatever, and that you are aware that you’ll need to make up the material. If they have some draconian ‘miss a class and die’ thing, it should be in their damn syllabus, and in that case, talk to student affairs.

OMG this email is the most condescending, “enlightened Christian atheist” bullshit I’ve ever read, and I’ve read articles by Richard Dawkins.

“God wants you to learn and to succeed in life.”

I mean, sure, but…

“Mathematics is a creation of God.”


“God wants us to succeed in life. I do not know any religion which prohibits learning on religions holidays. Do you?”

¬_¬ Well, Sir, that depends on what you mean by prohibit and what subject you’re proposing we should be learning. Also, maybe you shouldn’t be teaching a person what they should be doing with regards to her religion since 1. you are obviously not learned AT ALL about Islam and 2. she didn’t ask you.

Mathematically speaking, from a purely objective analysis of an intricate array of factors on multiple dimensions, this professor is a complete asshole and is probably breaking the law.

You don’t ask them whether you can take off. You ask them to give you any assignments you will be missing in advance, so that you do not lose time while you are out. It’s not up to them whether you will be in class. I don’t know where this professor teaches, but I’m going to take a guess that in the student handbook, there is a statement about how the school gives off for religious observances.