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So, it’s time for a brief pause. But only a brief one. Despite the fact that I’ve put in solid entire days of work, last night working until 1030 with Kathryn to get the doors back on, and handles attached to the doors, I’m finding it hard to ‘rest’ today. To be fair, the morning was completely manic, as I ran around the house hiding things that I didn’t want appearing in the photos of the house when it’s listed.

Which is later today.

Which is terrifying.

I mean, we’ve only just got the house more or less finished. There’re a couple of small jobs left:

– Paint the entryway
– Paint the back wall (just touching it up, but there’s a lot of touching up)
– Remove the doors and get them dipped-and-stripped
– Touch up some paint in the kitchen
– Finish the deck and the garden path
– Weed the garden and chuck down 100s of litres of bark chip
– Build gravel stairs at the bottom of the garden (edge them and then throw gravel in).
– Paint the bathroom doorframe
– Remove excess grout residue
– Make panel to go under sink (could do with a little adjustment)
– Hang bathroom cabinet
– Insert lock mechanisms into a couple of the doors which have swollen so much whilst being dipped/stripped that they no longer fit.

The garden now looks like this:


After a solid afternoon / early evening’s work yesterday.

On the other hand, our wardobes may actually explode if we’re not careful, they’re holding so much stuff.

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OMG, your yarden looks BEAUTIFUL! Do you have pictures looking up the hill, too? So nice!

I can’t believe the amount of work you’ve done… on yet another house you’re moving away from. :) I’m excited that the next house you work on will probably be close enough for me to visit.

Thanks! It’s really come together with some tidying. It’s still needing a bit of a weed, but that’s more of a chilled out activity than the screaming panic of laying great swathes of path and finishing off the deck.

And, no not at the moment [picture running around the garden]… but through the wonders of technology, yes…

Here’s a couple looking up towards the house from further down the garden



And a bonus look down the garden from a different angle.


It looks like, at the very least for the first week or two, we’ll be in the same city as you. Assuming I get a visa.