Faith Based Process

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“It will be ready in three days”

(Following on from 6-8 weeks… which when I e-mailed about last week I was told that it was ‘ready for review’ and I should get it within the 6-8 weeks, never mind that we were nearing the end of that period. Indeed, today, on the phone I was told it was ‘ready for review’, it’s only when I pushed and said “can you tell me where in that process it is?” I got the “Oh… July… 5…6…7…8… umm” followed by “it should be done by now” which was kinda my point when I e-mailed. *Breathe*)

So unless I have an e-mail and a poster and a singing delivery gnome arrive on Friday, I shall be ringing their support line again… Because I lack faith.


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