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So, on my OnePlus One, “OK Google” is a bit flakey. It seems to work best if I sound slightly exasperated (which may relate to how I sounded by the time I’d trained it), and is waaay more reliable if the phone is unlocked. “OK OnePlus” which is meant to unlock it is hilariously useless, incidentally. I’ve never, ever, ever got it to work and it took so many goes to ‘train’ it that I’ve basically given up. I keep hoping it’ll get fixed, but since they delayed shipping the OS for *ages* for a feature which essentially doesn’t work at all, I’m not overly optimistic.

However. Okay Google works with enough effectiveness that I do use it – more through enjoyment of the fact I can do it, and wilful determination to make use of the feature. It’s handy for setting timers when I’m cooking or finding out if it’ll rain as I’m heading out.

But I really struggle with not saying please.

You watch all these videos, and people are talking to Echo or Siri or Google and they don’t say please. I rarely say please to it, because I’ve usually taken several goes to persuade it to work and don’t want to throw out the request with giving it extra speech to recognise, but each time I don’t I feel atrociously rude.

I wonder if that’s just me though.


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