Whelp, there goes the willpower

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I’ve been trying to keep my unruly lack of willpower related tendancy to buy crap off the internet under control by a process alteration. Traditionally I’ve been leaving links open for me to decide in the evening of any given day whether I might want to buy/fund/donate, which leads to me hitting the next evening after a long day at work at which much of my willpower has been sapped* and just going “oooh, shiny, *CLICK*”.

Instead I’ve been gathering many of them together in a clump at the end of my many-tabbed browser and poking them.

For example, in terms of stuff, there’s Haphead, Night Witches, The Rise of Aurora West, Tomorrow was the Golden Age, Gwenno (Feminist Welsh ElectroPop!)… and that’s just some of the stuff.

There’s donations to EFF and FTTF.

Then there’s the distressingly discontinued skirt, which may be the was the fall of the willpower. I’ve wanted it for quite a while and rediscovered it, it popped into the list for consideration and then, today, I noticed it’d changed to ‘Discontinued’. 


* I’ve been dealing with a lot of slopey shouldered people recently.