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I thought about switching to BT when our old contract ended, but we got like three months free if we went with this fly-by-night operation who barely have a website, so.

Our phoneline here is the crappiest (2 megabytes per second on a good day) so it didn’t seem worth switching to a bigger provider.

Seriously, never switch to BT.

My experience with BT was them providing equipment that did work, replacing it with equipment that didn’t work, denying that there was a problem with a phone-cum-router that half of the features didn’t work on and that needed to be physically switched off-and-on most days to function for most of the 24 hours. No one at their customer service appeared to have even the faintest notion of how to read or add notes to a complaint, which meant that each time I’d have to go through the whole thing from the beginning… and then they would never call me back when they said they would, if at all.

Finally, when I wanted to leave they kept hassling me at all hours of the day to ask why I was leaving.

Never switch to BT.

That is my advice….