Mini Triptych

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– I am becoming an occasional staff writer for Transport Evolved. Don’t think I don’t see the irony in that, I own a bike from the 1930s (pushbike), a 60’s car, a 70’s car and a pre-production EV. That said, I’m the head of The Electric Minor Project, so that probably has more to do with it! You can see my Staff Car Report up there, if you’re so inclined.

– I keep getting lost down the rabbit hole with respect to our media server. It’s reached the end of hardware support for my chosen OS and I keep thinking, well, should I actually replace it. It still works… Anyhow I’ve been dinking and still go no answer, but am pleased to find I’m just as geeky as I always have been and am quite happy to spend an inordinately long time trying to work out what the cost/benefit ratio is of getting each processor. And how far back in history I have to go to get a decent one. And whether I’m better off getting an older-faster or a newer-architecture-slower one.

– Our dishwasher’s died and it turns out I still dislike doing the washing up. I’m not sure how long my streak of ‘I will wash up every day’ will survive. Part of me thinks I should look at the dishwasher and see if I can fix it, but frankly, it’s 15 years old – at least – and is shorting to earth, only intermittently at the end of its cycle. Spares for it are, broadly speaking, unavailable. Leading me to conclude that I probably can’t be arsed to fix it. Which is terrible. And I am a terrible, weak person, but buying a replacement second hand one just seems much, much easier. Never mind.


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