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We don’t have front pages on our websites any more. That sucks. Time was you could have a nice depressing/beautiful picture, some lyrics, a list of webrings, and the recommended minimum resolution (use Mozilla please!!!!), and then in the corner a tiny link that takes you to the web journal of sadness and a lot of internalised transmisogyny.

Oh the simple joys of times past

Netscape Navigator 3.0!

Mind, that’s a bit modern and PC centric for me. Most of my pages of old sported HTML Compliant logos and a stylish gif indicating that they were developed on RiscOS. And were almost illegible due to the hideous backgrounds or the highly cheerful grey-on-black colourschemes.

And then you could click the link to find out what a nutcase I was… am. Mmm. :)

‘course, back then, all this was fields…