Yeah, so about that

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Yesterday as I drove home I thought ‘oh, the indicators are flashing somewhat irregularly, I wonder if the alternator’s okay’. See, the Minor when I used to get the alternator kit from Charles Ware, it used to eat them. I don’t know why, but it did. Then I traded it for an alternative alternator – something more reliable from another, more modern car. And lo the problem was solved.

But I have this recollection of well before the warning light’d kick in, other electrical systems, particularly voltage dependent ones, like the indicators, would get a bit erratic. Faster-slower-faster-slower.

I thought I’d check the voltage, but couldn’t remember where I’d put the volt meter. I had a quick look in the garage but it wasn’t there (shame I didn’t look in the boot).

Today on my way to a shift, the coil reached a temperature of insane high-ness, the condenser ceased to have any resistance, and I had a relaxing sit at the side of the motorway.


And lo, she was pronounced unrepairable at the side of the road.

Hoiked unceremoniously up on a trailer and taken to a my favoured garage who will hopefully get her back on four wheels by the weekend (next weekend). Which puts a substantial crimp in my ‘I’ll do some shifts before the holiday’ plan.



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