Oh, ah, that’s not gigabit.

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So I bought a new switch for the server room* to replace my known-to-be flaky 10/100 hub** and to add a port for the soon to be arriving WiFi network extender***. Having spent ages flicking through I suddenly found what I thought was an awesome deal on a gigabit switch. Not, I assumed good quality or anything. But cheap and given our house is floodwired with alledged Cat5 cable**** I reckoned ‘good enough’.

It arrived a couple of days ago and there on the box was ‘10 / 100 Switch’.

So that’s why it was such a cheap gigabit switch, because it’s not. It’s 100 base T which is what I used to run when I was a network admin.


Still, it’ll do for now.

* Utility cupboard / larder.
** Mainly because I still can’t find it.
*** So we can sit out in the evenings on the deck next to the chiminea drinking wine and browsing t’web.
**** I actually suspect it of being made of the very cheapest scrap metal extruded by spiders.