Trying out the Kintsugi

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Today I finally tried out ‘New Kintsugi’ (which means ‘epoxy resin and gold dust’ rather than whatever the traditional substance was). I’ve been meaning to try it for a while; we’ve broken enough objects that have ended up going in the bin, but the lid to a jar and the rather nice possibly Victorian bowl being broken was a cause of disappointment; and so, when I came across the New Kintusgi stuff I thought ‘hey, it’s worth a try’.

So these are the preliminary results:



The glue needs to be allowed to dry properly, then you’re meant to ‘sponge off’ the extraneous gold dust (which is very dusty; incidentally). It’s not really a patch on proper kintsugi, but it might mean that I feel happy to return them to service in some form or another. The lid of the jar has a gap in it, which I need to fill with some sort of filly-gunk that they’ve supplied, but you’re meant to do that after the glue’s dried, which’ll be a tomorrow-at-least job.


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