The frustrating life of Walter Mitty

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So, we went to the cinema* to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was a really good, enjoyable film. It was fun, funny, clever, sweet. Many of the things I like in a film.

But the entire way through the film I found myself endlessly frustrated. It was so utterly and completely a knight’s quest, and I like a good quest, I do. And it was very pretty and made me want to go an explore the world and so on and so on. But. BUT. Lord a-live, this is 2014. Can the women not, perhaps, be doing something other than keeping house?


I would have been adequately satisfied if the photographer turned out to be a woman; that would have been cool. No romantic interest. Just a woman, out on her own. Or the knight; if he could have been cast as a woman; which he could have been, you’d’ve barely even had to change the script.


Hollywood; please join us in the 21st Century.

* Check us out, the cinema, all old-school, like.


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