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So, despite fairly small progress over the last few days* there has quite definitely been progress on the bathroom. I’ve stripped and sanded the walls, painted them, stripped the paint off where it was reacting or peeling for some reason which is so far unclear**, refilled, repainted… so we’ve gone from this a couple of days ago (after I’d removed the wallpaper and done the first round of filling):


To this, today. Which is slowly drying off:



And I’ve carefully removed the two tiles from behind the taps:


This is because, if you look carefully, you can see the lead pipe which used to feed the hot taps poking out from the wall, meaning there was a hole in one of the poorly fitted replacement tiles. I’ve also spent some time carefully cleaning up the 1930’s salvaged tiles:


They’re now looking adequately shiny to go behind the taps. This afternoon I’m going to make a little treck to the shop to get the chrome pipe to hook up the shower, the paint for the walls… and hopefully get those tiles installed ready for silicone sealant tomorrow.

I’m really hoping to get this finished by the end of next week, including the bathroom floor. So. Wish me luck.

In less good news, I went up into the attic for two jobs. One was the cheery attachment of some wood blocks to add some extra support for the rather heavy ceiling light (oh the fun I have surrounded by glass fibre). The other was to examine where the water leak in the bedroom was coming from.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t hard to find:


So we’re waiting for roofing specialists to get in touch. The rest of the roof appears to be in great shape, though, unlike the last house we were in where it was clearly a bit tired. But that is ungood. I’m surprised the surveyor didn’t spot it, but if there was anything in the way of it, they wouldn’t have looked.

Anyhow, that, I think we can all agree, needs fixing. And it’s beyond my ken on the whole DIY front, and probably wants a little scaffolding tower up at the front of the house. So we’ll see what they want to do about it…

Also up there is a 1950’s cement barrel, which I think is kinda cool, and would quite like to make a cushion out of. But that’s a whole ‘nother idea.

* We headed down to see my mum… also had to do food shopping, and so on and so forth.
** I am wondering if the filler is reacting with the paint it’s over, which is causing the paint on the top to peel. I have no idea, really. I just keep cleaning it up and trying different things. It’s got better but I’m still not entirely sure what’s up with it. I got through about 15 sanding sheets in a room that’s about 2m by 2m, half of which is tiled…. which is insane.


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