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Today is the international day of one word titles. Did you know that? No? I may be lying.

So, onwards with the house! Well, that was the plan. I’ve removed all the bathroom wallpaper apart from the bit behind the mirror (I need Kathryn’s help to remove the mirror). And today I finally managed to scrape off the paper behind the radiator… so I set to with the sander on the new filler and the crud on the walls. After a couple of hours sanding and an inordinate number of power sander sheets it became apparent that whatever hideous crap is on the walls of the bathroom is not coming off in a hurry.

I’ve tried application of sugar soap, steam, sandpaper, scrapers, hot water… it won’t shift. It’s a bit better after a couple of hours sanding, but hardly smooth.

In the end I’ve resorted to covering it with basecoat – and we’ll see how it looks. That is now drying, as is the ceiling which I’ve coated with plaster-primer. So tomorrow when Kathryn’s home I’ll hopefully do the rest of the room prep. Well, the rest of the first round of sanding and painting. Then there’s filling, sanding, and painting again. Then there’s painting with top-coat. Then there’s painting with top-coat. Then there’s installing the shower and curtain. Then there’s doing the floor.

Then there’s doing the underbath storage, although given that we’re not staying in this house forever I’m less enthused about doing that and may just box it in. It’d be lush to do every job properly, but why waste money? Meh, we’ll see how I’m feeling when I get there.

Anyhow, now it’s time for sitting, relaxing and some Dorothy B Hughes, courtesy of Mr B’s.


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