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So, I’ve been reading papers for the last 2 hours, having munched down on yet another bought lunch (the Coop’s been getting rather a lot of business from us lately). It’s 3858 miles to Chicago, we got a 1936 cycling magazine, no cigarettes, it’s sunny (outside) and I’m wearing sunglasses (inside) – so I think it’s time for a little post.

Startling us, somewhat, the electricians turned up this morning (I’m under the impression it’s a bank holiday weekend, and it’s Saturday). They’re currently rootling around under the house where they found a remarkably well preserved few pages from a 1936 cycling magazine. What’s impressive about that is the house was finished in 1938, so that’s been under there since before the house was even nearly finished. It’s pleasing though, more progress. They have, I think, finished channeling in the kitchen (more or less) and are currently running the wires for the ring main. They’ve put in the cooker circuit. I cannot tell you how much joy the idea of a cooker circuit gives me. I could dance at the idea of a working cooker.

It’s still a little way away, but a working cooker. Imagine it. I am entirely and totally sick of take aways, eating out, and cheap bought dinners.

So, as you may know I’ve just come off nights, unfortunately this means my eyes, having worn contacts all night are somewhat less than impressed with me. Unfortunately, Specsavers rang me yesterday and informed me that my posh reactolight/thinned/ultralite lenses failed quality control. Which is a bollocks because I was expecting to pick them up today, which would save me putting in contact lenses today. I forgot, last night, because it was quite busy, to put the eye drops in (and frankly they were pretty comfortable most of the night). This meant that when I got home, I had to prise one lens out of my L eye – in a manner which was somewhat uncomfortable.

I’ve therefore been stuck wearing sunglasses so far today. This is fine at the moment, but it’s slowly getting less sunny inside – I was sat outside anyhow, but the shade has now evaporated up at the house end of the garden and we’ve not got the nice comfy deck chairs, so I don’t feel like lounging at the other end of the garden – and eventually I’m going to have to put lenses back in. Thankfully the new contact lenses arrived today because I’d reached the point where I was starting to horde lenses knowing that if they didn’t arrive I’d be stuck on Tuesday. I’m deeply glad I ordered them, I contemplated leaving it, but thought it was a good idea to have some kind of back-up plan if my glasses didn’t arrive.

Anyhow, sorry, that’s the post nights ramble kicking in.

With the electricians having a few more days of work left, we’re looking forward to the return of the builders – after which it’s just the plasters, the floor refinishers, and then we’re into the ‘we have to do it’ phase. Which is quite exciting. And then we can move in. And then we’re done.

We’re starting to contemplate the kitchen a bit more. We’re still wondering about the idea of custom doors on cheap carcasses*, or really having any fixed idea how it’ll look beyond the layout. We were intrigued by concrete worktops… but the company we asked no longer does them, another we asked about recycled glass and resin – that was 400 quid a metre. Which, sadly, is definately out of our price range.

I also had a custom wood idea for our bathroom. We really could do with being shedloads wealthier, either in time or money.

Anyhow, I should get back to work, which – at this point – means putting putting my contact lenses back in. That’s something I can safely say I’m not looking forward to, but my half hour’s now over. :(

* Given that we’ve got a mitre saw lurking in the garage, I’m actually wondering if we could dare to attempt to make them ourselves. We’re not making a huge number of doors. We could try and if it doesn’t work, just buy whatever-doors.


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