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So, we have moved upstairs – an enormous amount of cleaning and work for a transitional period. The poor aged Goblin ‘workshop’ hoover ruptured it’s little bag (again) in protest at the amount of crud that it had to suck up. The black dust from the mortar and blockwork (which is, I think, bulked up with slag from copper mining*) appears to have successfully ‘got everywhere’ and cleaning it took hours and hours.

We them moved upstairs and for a few days it felt like we were living in a 1950’s 1 bedroom apartment (granted with no kitchen). Now everything, pretty much is upstairs, and much of the channeling’s been done downstairs. Progress is definately forthcoming.

The flooring people came around and are going to quote us for turning the pine floors into something pleasant. The builders should be starting again late next week or early the following week… we just need to find a plasterer, again a challenge that’s proving more complex than initially assumed, and the buildingy stuff inside will be done. The builders are also quoting for the garage (third quote) with a reclaimed tile roof.

We considered various options to try and get the strength high enough, and still have a green roof, but it just wasn’t happening. If it wasn’t to be the garage, and I wasn’t quite concerned about that amount of weight above the cars, then I’d go for it. If I had time to do it myself, I’d consider it. But we need the garage soon, and we won’t have any more money available after this for a loooong time. So, tile roof it is. Well, possibly.

Again, we may have to shave it down to a lower spec building, but we’ll see where we’re at when the final quote arrives.

Anyhow, final night of nights for this block. I’m assuming the royal revellers will be out in force, and hoping that I’ll have more patience with the drunk people than I did last night. Granted I got far less sleep yesterday…

* Apparently, that was the cunning plan of Bristolians, to use the slag as a building materia.


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