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So, stuff and things continue apace. We’ve had more viewings (‘the lounge is too small’ – we’re wondering if we made a mistake taking the second chair out of the lounge, and whether we should bring it back – but we’ll leave it until we get the feedback from yesterday’s viewing and then ask our estate agent).

I finally made the journey to collect Rebecca yesterday. She’s been being worked on, continuously, since August 2009 when the gearbox expired – and after a year of multiple disasters and discoveries of horrific faults (which I still can’t go into because of an ongoing court case) she was finally ‘ready’ for collection yesterday. She fought and fought to stay there – destroying a brand new heated windscreen that was being refitted (because of a faulty new windscreen seal) on Tuesday. And when I hit the motorway to come home she thought she’d toy with fuel starvation, but once she was out playing on the roads – she decided she quite liked it.

She is the shinyest thing in all of shinydom. There are still a couple of quick jobs to do, so she’s going back in a month for a quick check over and while she’s there Jonathon / Martin’ll try and get these done – there’s some sealant down the edges of the front wings, and the chrome trim around the grille is missing. Apparently these are another one of those bits produced by a massive manufacturer who regards producing bits for the minor as a nice occasional hobby. So the fact they’ve been out of stock for months (and months) hasn’t yet persuaded them to start making more.

And for once I had a bit of good fortune – I was offered a set of alloys with good dunlop tyres on – for a price which was only marginally more than a new set of tyres on my original minor wheels. So she now sports Minilites and is…grippy. It’s interesting how the modifications (turreted rear suspension, wider wheels) and the complete renovation of the front suspension have changed her. She’s not like a new car, but she grips the road one hell of a lot better, and the roll is much reduced.

Oh, and Martin finally, with much tweaking, managed to get the exhaust to actually fit the car. It’s only been on there about 5 years.

Of course, the interior is still crap. And I need to swap the seats back – they popped the adjustable (driver’s) seat on the new driver’s side (nee passenger side) – which would have been a great plan – but for the fact that they actually point in slightly different directions and so I discovered that I’m pointing in a manner which slightly offsets the pedals. To make things slightly worse, the support strap in the lumbar region of the seat’s back has snapped leading to a sitting position which I would (were I generous) describe as ‘terrible’. A solution to this will have to be sought in the near future.

In the mean time, I jumper wodged in the space (I think I threw away the cushion :( ) will have to do – at least, until I can pick up a cushion to do the job.


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