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So, there’s been a fair bit going on at chez us, which I’ve not had a chance to post about, mostly due to being either incredibly tired or incredibly busy. In short, we’re moving to Bristol.

Well, most likely. I managed to get a new job in the Brizzle/Bath area doing exactly what I’m doing now, for exactly the same money; so we’re now hurled headlong into an effort to get moved. The only slight inconvenience being that I do have a CCJ against me (although I can get it struck out or at least marked as satisfied, which I think basically nullifies it because I met the conditions). I have to get that sorted because I’ve not yet got my inheritance through which means that I’ve got a wacking great temporary credit card (0% deal) loan – which I took out to pay for the minor, because when I got the nice letter saying ‘it shouldn’t be long until your inheritance comes through, just waiting on X’, I counted chickens and assumed that X would take less than a year.

As previously mentioned we’re both keen to do our project house, which would be great except for the teeensy tinsy problem that (a) we’ve not sold ours, (b) ours isn’t on the market, (c) we’ve no idea if the mortgage company will let us keep the current mortgage to build a new house instead of owning an actual house. Whilst I’d like to have a chat with them on the issue, I’d like to get the CCJ sorted first, really.

Also, just to throw into the stress-mix, I start my course next month which was (you guessed it) to be paid for by the inheritance. I’m beginning to think that once the CCJ is sorted the best plan is to take out a loan to pay for the car and the course, so as I at least know where my money’s going from – and to. Then when the inheritance does come through I can go *yaha!* and be done.

All of this is particularly relevant today as I’m going to spend a relaxing hour at the bank talking about, well, finances and how poor I am.

On the biting hand, Kathryn and I have been working incredibly hard to get the house finished – it’s repelling us to the best of its abilities; we painted the walls on the stairs – strange bubbles appear* – I’m hoping they’ll more or less disappear again. Kathryn’s been painting the doors (yes the gorgeous doors we stripped, which looked lovely, but a bit shabby-chic for Slough). We’ve repainted the back room and sorted the missing boxing around the central heating pipework. We’ve hung doors, we’ve moved furniture. And today we order carpet for fitting next week. The poor Dyson (DC-01) isn’t going to know what’s hit it – after 4 years of the odd bit of hoovering a rug it’s suddenly going to have two bedrooms and the stairs…

Anyhow, I must shower and find paperwork.

Catch you all later with a better post :)

* I’m assuming this is some reaction with the old paint – but it only seems to occur in random patches. It’s really a bit depressing (we’ve been leaving it a long time between coats to try and ensure that it’s well dried before we apply a second coat, but it does it all the same).


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