Keeping me up

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So, a week ago we dogsat for Nikki and Kate, and while we were there we spotted a house that we decided to have a little look at. Well, I say house. House is overstating it. We saw a building which, with some fairly substantial building work could be a fabulous place to live.

We almost certainly won’t get it, not unless many things fall in our favour. But all the same it’s been lurking in the back of my mind in a wholly interesting way. And Kathryn’s been using Sketchup to create a 3D model of the place – as we would like it…

Kathryn's model of the house we'd like to renovate/build

It’s one of those things where while my brain is busy sorting out the practicalities of how we would do it and considering the possibilities of green roofing, SIPs, timber construction, prices… how much we’d need to do ourselves… Combined with the complexities of jobs, money, and so on, we’re well into things that can keep me awake and potentially prevent me getting enough sleep on nights. This is a ‘bad thing’. So now i’m going to go and try to sleep, again.


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