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I have three current projects and a couple of other bits going on, the first of which is finishing the house, the second is selling vast quantities of ‘stuff’ on e-bay, and the third is DBJ. DBJ is the only one that’s enjoyable, really, and so gets more me-time than I probably should devote to it.

I have recently picked up a Goldring Lenco GL-68 which need a bit of a service (I think the idler wheel isn’t worn, but the mechanism that moves it is either not moving as freely as it should or isn’t quite positioned right – so I’ll be taking it apart a bit to service it). It also needs a cartridge and a stylus, unfortunately.

I’ve narrowed that down to a choice of three, I think:

The most expensive is the Chuo Denki: CN234 Cartridge, then there’s the Sonotone: 3509 Stereo Cartridge and then there’s the Tetrad: TC12 (51) Cartridge. I don’t think any of them are particularly inspiring – but they all have the requisite 78 needle and all have a standard ½ inch mounting. The Chuo Denki one doesn’t necessarily incorporate a stylus at that price, which means it’d be another £25 for the stylus on top of that price – which definately pushes it into the pricey bracket. But I can’t help but feel it’d probably be better quality than the old needle on a stick ones that go into the Sonotone and Tetrad cartridges.

Anyhow, the other projects have not had enough time as they should, so today, now having finished throwing paint at the end of the door (not the whole door, you understand, just the end) I shall be taking me, myself and I into the kitchen for a massive photoshoot of many, many e-bayable things.

Wish me luck, for boredom shall soon be my partner.


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