Baby Steps

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So, we’re starting to get on with the completion of the renovation of the house, and have set ourselves the onto market date of end of June. Not that we’ve got jobs or anything, but hey, what do such trifling issues have to do with moving?

We’ve also started to discuss the potential issues around ‘we have jobs but the house hasn’t sold’ – not so much the ‘we have no jobs and the house has sold’. How does anyone do this? It seems painfully complicated and terribly difficult. The bugger of it is because the NHS is completely and improbably dysfunctional (and entirely made of completely separate entities) it’s not like I can apply for ‘internal jobs’ because they’re only open within the specific trust. Not that I’ve even seen any ‘internally open only’ jobs. I’ve not seen ANY ED jobs in Bristol for staff nurses, which is painfully depressing.

Anyhow, positive thoughts and all (difficult with the annoying sinus headache which has decided to lurk, irritatingly above my right eye).

Today and yesterday have been positive steps in bringing the house to market. Having spent much of yesterday cleaning up (it didn’t feel that successful, but some of it was sorting the vast piles for e-bay-age) I also primed some of the wood that needs painting. Today I’ve finally relaid that bit of floor that I needlessly took up in the bathroom when the valve was leaking. Should have realised – constant drip means constant water supply; unlikely to be waste water if it’s a constant drip. Bah. Anyhow it’s relaid and I then spent a few minutes fixing down some squeaky floor boards, unfortunately this then revealed more floor boards that squeak and after brief consideration I decided an endless task wasn’t what I wanted.

Now, however I’m sitting out in the garden enjoying a restful break while I boil an egg for lunch. Then it’s the home-made rosemary bread and cheese sandwich, egg, and even some crisps before I head off to B&Q. Whyfor to B&Q? Because I need change. I bought a 78 playing record deck for Dead Bug Jumping (which does, much to my surprise, seem to be developing a solid listener base. Either I’m not that badder presenter, the shows interesting, or someone’s paying people to listen…). Unfortunately, it’s cash on collection and oddly while I thought I had the odd fiver lying around, it turns out I don’t. So I need to go and get change, and the easiest way to do that is to head to B&Q and buy something we’ll need at some point during the redecoration process, such as, say, the colour matched paint of which we have run out for the kitchen. We would not have run out, obviously, if the arsehole builders at the Trade Trust had bothered to put joist hangers in, and we hadn’t had to have a huge section of ceiling lopped out, joist hangers put in, and the ceiling and wall repaired and repainted. But because they didn’t bother with such trifles, now I need to go and get more paint.

Anyhow, my egg should be ready, so lunch :)

Ooh, ooh, before I go we have a Robin who has decided to pop in and out of the garden and clearly has no concerns about humans. He hopped around us, so long as we were fairly still, in a manner that was most cute.


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