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So, I got some stuff relating to the EV courtcase today. Self-foot-shooting appears, from my perspective, to have occurred. We’ll have to wait until the day to find out if my argument is more persuasive than his, but I’m feeling better about it.

I’ve also mailed the stuff for the other court case (seriously, two court cases going on at once? how is that soothing?) – hopefully we’ll get a date back for that soon.

And now I’m off to attempt to finish cleaning the bedroom, hopefully a bit more hoovering and wiping of surfaces, and a floor moppage experience, and we can get the bed back in there (*bed-joy* *). I’m also going to spend a day reliving my youth with reel-to-reel tape, because I know on one of my dad’s tapes there’s a song I need for the next dead bug jumping (a new episode of which came out today!).

* No, not like that you dirty minded people.


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